The power of a fragrance can lead us instantly to connect with our imagination, moving our sensory system, and taking us to remember the warmth and familiarity of the home, or transporting us momentarily to a memory of absolute peace and happiness.

Lets celebrates inner simplicity: 6 Ways to Regain Peace and Nourish your Soul.





Relax your senses after a long day with this delicate refreshing scent. The combination of suave floral aromas and sweet creamy scents is ideal to help you relax and restore your inner calm. Consists of soothing top notes such as peach nectar, sweet pea and honeydew as well as invigorating accents of peach nectar, red currant, jasmine and cyclamen. 




Uplift your mood with an invigorating scent created from aromas of flowers and summer fruits. Thanks to the accents of red rose, raspberry and hyacinth this refreshing fragrance will remind you of the walks across the lush summer meadows whereas the notes of green leaf or champagne add in a bit of spark contrasted by a sweet creamy vanilla smell for the right balance.





If you are inspired by the bold sensual scents you've just come across a great find. Created from a distinctive floral aromas of white rose and lily this exciting fragrance is a perfect choice for all kinds of special occasions. Accentuated with the earthy tones of bergamot, white musk, cedar, amber and peony petals it evokes a sense of luxury and makes any space feel more charming and unusual.






Looking for a fragrance which will awaken your senses but is not too intense? This invigorating yet soft scent may be just what you needed. Created from a subtle floral aroma of tiger lilies mixed with an exotic patchouli oil it is a great choice to create a relaxed and fun vibe in any space. To give it a bit of balance we also added in soft tones of juicy casaba melon.


Peony Ludique






Fancy giving your home a touch of luxury? If so, the easiest way to start is with an enchanting fragrance. Created from delicate floral scents of peony, rose and jasmine this scent will make your home feel exciting and different in an instant. To balance out the intensity of the scent it is complemented with accents of fuji apple, honeydew, white musk and amber.




Give yourself a great start to your day with a mix of refreshing citrus aromas. Made by combining intense zesty scents of French Lime and Lemongrass this unique fragrance is ideal to awaken your mind. Ideal to use for activities which require you to maintain your focus and stay present in a given moment. Also, it is a good choice of scent if you want to create an atmosphere for studying and working with the new inspired information.

French Lime-