Candle Care


How to Handle the Candle: Use & Safety Advice

Found your favourite? Congratulations! Here is few quick tips on how to make the most of your Ludique Candle and stay on the safe side.


Keep an eye on the wick!

A rule no.1 when taking care of the candle is to trim the wick. Ideally, it should be about 5mm long. Take a few moments to check it every time you are going to burn it and cut it down to avoid the soot and smokey candles. When the wick length gets down to about 10mm it’s time to buy a new one. 


Burning time

Candles are a great company for a cosy evening or romantic dinner so if you want to make them last timing is important. The first burn should not last longer than 3-4 hours. To prevents the unsightly tunelling effect which spoils the look of the candle. A rule of the thumb is to keep it lit until the melted wax touches the sides of the vessel.


Attention, please!

They were made to be in the spotlight so make sure you won’t leave your candles unattended especially when they are in the same room as children or pets. Also, keep away from other flammable materials and burn on a surface which is resistant to heat. Finally, if you want to move the candle to another place it’s best to do so when it’s not burning.


How to put the candle out without smoke

Firstly, the obvious - do not blow the flame out. It may be quick and effortless but the smoke from the wick can really spoil the show by destroying the nice odour and the drops of hot wax that often splash out when you blow it leave ugly marks on the carpet of furniture.

To prevent smoke use a candle snuffer aka douter which lets you stop the flame with scissor-like blades or with a cone at the end of the handle. If you have no such tool, simply dip the wick into the wax and once the flame is extinguished straighten it to the original shape.


Cracks in the glass?

Before you burn a candle make sure you inspect the glass container for any imperfections. Accidental knocks against other objects, falls or scratchescan create tiny cracks in the material. Heat from the burning makes the candle glass expand so it if is already damaged you could end up getting cut.


We know you'll love it, but try not to burn your Ludique Candle for longer than 3-4 hours each time. To avoid 'tunnelling', burn your candle long enough for the molten wax to hit the sides of the vessel each time. This is especially important for the 'first burn'. 

Burn times are approximate and will vary from candle to candle. Environmental conditions, burning habits, and fragrance all affect the time a candle will last.


First try

The first burn gives the shape to the and greatly influences its quality. When you light the candle for the first time let it nurse until the melted wax touches the glass. Doing so you get the most out of the fragrance and preserve an even shape.


Every piece is an original

All our candles are hand made which results that no two pieces are completely alike. Natural soy wax is different than the chemically treated materials used in mass produced candles and sometimes it creates marks or wet patches inside a container. Don’t worry as this is completely normal and does not mean that there is something wrong with your candle.  The thing you should watch out for is discoloration which happens if you place it in the area with a direct sunlight.


Avoiding Black Residue

Black residue is a mark thatappear on the candle jar when a candle emits carbon. It can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, however, to save yourself the hassle you can avoid it by trimming the wick regularly. Also, if you leave the candle lit for more than two hours at a time it’s worth cutting it down with the snuffer or scissor.


Handle with care

We believe that our tips will help you fully enjoy the magic of our candle. Please note that by purchasing our products you agreed to take a full responsibility for handling them and Ludique is not liable for any material damage or accidents resulting from an incorrect use.

You are eligible for a money back guarantee following investigation and approval of your claim.


Need help?

If you still notice that the candle does not burn properly after following our advice don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our dedicated team will guide you on how to achieve the ideal results.


How it’s made…

Ludique Candles are our little works of art. Made with love from EcoSoy, a natural biodegradable wax produced from soy beans. Also, our candle wicks are 100% cotton, lead-free and infused with organic fragrance oils from Australian farms. All our products are handmade in Balmain, Sydney, Australia although some specialist equipment is imported from overseas.

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